Monday, November 7, 2011

Sandbah Cafe

21 Gilbert Street, 
VIC 3228

We were looking for somewhere to grab some lunch soon after arriving in Torquay on what had forecast and turned out to be one of the sunniest days of spring so far. We went for Sandbah as it looked good and quite busy, not noticing their awards until I took a closer look at the snap later...

We grabbed a table near the open entrance before placing our order at the counter, and then perused the Saturday papers for a while, and then a while longer. While we didn't expect instant service, we weren't expecting a half hour wait for a sandwich and a bowl of soup, especially when the staff didn't appear particularly busy.

Eventually our food arrived, with no comments about the delay. The sandwich was a decent size and the light rye bread looked good. What was a bit worrying was a small bug emerging from the bread just before a first bite was taken. We thought it looked like it must have crawled in recently and decided to avoid another potential waiting for anything to be done about it. Ignoring the insect the chicken and salad filling was generous and the meal was finished, perhaps owing partly to hunger!

The soup bowl was large and filled with plenty of the promised creamy pumpkin soup of the day. It was satisfying and home style, very similar to soup I've made in the past...

The food was certainly fine, if not quite award worthy, and perhaps we caught them on a particularly busy day, or are just impatient city folk, but the wait for our food and bug were our abiding memories and we wont be rushing back...

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  1. I just applied for a job here and I thought the staff were really friendly, it would be my first job and I'm pretty nervous.
    I really hope I get it, because the Sandbah is the best!