Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Le Chien, Seddon

5 Gamon Street,
VIC, 3011

We'd never made it to Le Chien before, it's probably the furthest of the cafes in the Charles St precinct from home so given the good reviews it was high time we gave it a go.

It is opposite Sabroso right at the top end of Gammon St. It has a few outside spots, and although it was just about warm enough to be outside the road work signage detracted from what is normally a nice spot. We arrived before 7 on a Friday and there just a couple of other tables taken, it gradually filled up as we ate.

We shared the sardines with rocket tomatoes and olives as an entree. The combination of of the sardine and olive flavours worked surprisingly well!

The pasta of the day was risoni with chicken and merguez with peas and olives which was well prepared but lacked the bite that may have come with say chorizo or another more spicy sausage.

I had the snapper on mash with broad beans asparagus and peas. This looked wonderful and tasted as good. The fish was tender and the combination of vegetables worked really well.

The bill came to $100 including a few glasses of wine and a long neck of coopers. The service was good, in fact from my seat where I looked over towards the bar with wait staff in attendance almost a little bit too present. I'd be interested to try the breakfast which has had good reports from friends.

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