Monday, December 19, 2011

Shanghai Street Dumpling

342 Little Bourke Street,
Melbourne, VIC 3000

2011 seems to have been my year of the dumpling, so a visit to Shanghai Street Dumpling dumplings for lunch with Phil seemed like a good way to round it off.

We arrived on a Monday at 12:15 and joined the queue behind a couple of groups. We waited for about 15 minutes before we pounced on the first table that became available once we were at the front. There were still people lined up when we left around 1pm. Inside and out the space is modern and a contrast to some of the China Town dumpling spots. Once we had a seat we ordered immediately as we'd had plenty of time to decide using the menu in the window and then grabbed some tea.

Phil went for the speciality of Xiao Long Bao filled with pork with ginger. They arrived still steaming, and sat happily in their bamboo container pregnant with soup. They aren't easy to eat gracefully, but were worth the effort!

I went for the vegetabe Xiao Long Bao, which were filled with spinach or a similar leafy green along with some mushroom, but without the broth of their meaty counterparts.

The veggies the were finely chopped, which made them easier to consume!

We also shared some vegetable buns, which had the same filling veggie XLB's, the slightly sweet dough was an interesting contrast to the savoury contents. They also ensured that we were full after our meal.

So is Shanghai Street Dumpling worth the wait? Probably, the dumplings are good, the setting is modern and the prices are competitive, our combined bill coming to $22.50. It's not a place to dwell over a long dinner, but the staff are efficient and pleasant, if a little rushed! On a return visit, it would be best to arrive a little earlier...

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