Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hallertau Brewery

1171 Coatesville-Riverhead Highway
New Zealand

The Hallertau Brewery was the site for the final lunch of lunch on our trip to New Zealand, a short dive out of Auckland, but it felt like we could have been much further away. The interior has some German references, which also where the name comes from. There is a fair amount of focus on the beer, but also lunch and dinner menu's.

The paddle gives the opportunity of  trying out 5 of the different beers brewed.

The fish and chips looked great and was a generous serving.

The club sandwich was almost impractically large, with smoked chicken, avocado mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato. It proved easier to consume after being disassembled!

I had the venison burger which came with onion jam, red cabbage coleslaw, leaves and mayo in a bun that could just about be eaten! It was probably my first venison burger and the first time I'd eaten the meat for a good while. It was overly strong in flavour, and a little on the dry side, perhaps slightly overdone. At least it was a good way to get a burger fix whilst being relatively healthy...

The fish of the day was presented with more panache than the other dishes and was apparently very good, it came with a lentil and cranberry salad.

We were able to enjoy a relaxed Sunday lunch and catch up with friends before our departure without being hurried out, and it was a great spot to spend our last few hours before jumping on the plane. The beer wasn't bad either.

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