Friday, November 9, 2012

Seascape Cafe

91 Foreshore Road
Port Kembla,
NSW 2505

We were taken to Seascape Cafe while visiting some locals, and probably wouldn't have found it tucked behind the maritime centre at Port Kembla without our guides. It must be fairly well known, as it was pretty busy when we were there on a Saturday lunchtime.

Three of us ended up choosing the Salt and Pepper squid salad, which pretty much delivered what was expected, although the squid was a little more nugget style than usual.

The steak sandwich was a decent size and kept Bruce happy, the chips came in pseudo paper wrapping and looked great.

After a neighbouring group of dinners left we soon had some new company, watch out for the gulls!

The best thing about the cafe in the location, with fantastic views to the north, we even spotted whales to the north while we were dining.

The service was pretty prompt and friendly, and the location and views certainly make it worth while checking out.

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