Tuesday, February 12, 2013

White Guy Cooks Thai - Take Two

Food Truck
Fridays - Often found at:
Harris Reserve
Gammon Street
Vic 3011

The White Guy Cooks Thai truck was back in Seddon, so I made sure I go there earlier than the previous visit on this occasion, arriving at Harris Reserve around 6:30. The park was much busier than it normally is, and there were perhaps a dozen people around the truck. Most people were waiting for their food, rather than to order, and as I'd already checked out the menu for the day from the picture on twitter, I was able to order swiftly, the food then took 10 to 15 minutes to be ready, not too long to wait on a pleasant evening.As with a previous visit the menu wasn't totally Thai, and also featured dishes from other Asian countries.

We shared quite a few items from the menu. I only had a bite of the pork belly 'banh mi' slider, which was tasty but a little dry.

The Som Tum or Green papaya salad lived up to expectations.

The chicken and water chestnut gyoza with soy and lime dipping sauce were supper crispy as with the previous visit.

Massaman is one of favourite thai dishes and the beef curry rated pretty highly, with great authentic flavours fall apart stewed meat. It was served with rice and Asian coleslaw.

The Veg Green Curry of eggplant, sweet potato and green beans was also served with with rice and Asian coleslaw. Again the flavour was great although I found the veggies a little on the overcooked side for a thai style dish.

The five dishes came to $43 and we'd happily eat from the truck again, it certainly pays to get in fairly early to get a choice from the full range of dishes...

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