Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Reverence Hotel, Footscray

28 Napier Street
VIC 3011

The Reverence Hotel occupies the site of the former Exchange Hotelwhich we'd never visited, on the corner of Napier and Whitehall streets. After reading about the changes, including an article/interview with the owners on Footscray Life, we finally managed a visit fairly early on a Saturday evening.

Given the amount of live music on at the Reverence, and it generally not being quite our favourite styles, we got there before any of the bands kicked off.

It was fairly quiet inside, but there were several tables with diners tucking into or ordering meals.

Towards the back, the outdoor courtyard area was busier...

In general it had the feel of a cool grungy pub, which has been missing from the Footscray area, it's great that one has finally arrived!

We ordered our meals at the bar and helped ourselves to cutlery and salt and pepper!

There were also several options when it came to Mexican hot sauces, I the Cholula, for no particular reason.

The menu features a range of Mexican dishes and some pizza's, we stuck with the Latin American options. We had the empanadas for entrée, one each of the chorizo and potato and the vegan chorizo and potato, pastry parcels lightly deep fried served with a side of house made aioli. Slightly surprisingly the waiter didn't know which was which, but we think we worked it out, and they were certainly tasty and enjoyable.

We both went for taco platters for main each with two 'gourmet' tacos served with mexi rice and the weekly salad special, which featured rocket, roast pumpkin and walnut on our visit. I had the vegan pulled pork pan fried with smokey paprika, coleslaw and coriander served with chipotle lime mayo, lime wedge and the black bean taco a spicy bean mix with spinach, guacamole, capsicum, coriander, chipotle lime mayo. I was again surprised by how well the vegan meat dish worked and enjoyed this healthy Mexican combination of flavours.

The better half also went with the black bean option, along with the slow cooked beef taco, which had been pan fried with smoky paprika and house made tomatillo sauce, spinach, capsicum, coriander, served with guacamole and chipotle lime mayo which was also enjoyed.

The food order came to a very reasonable $36 and the service very friendly if a little haphazard and slow. I'm sure we will return to try some of the other Mexican dishes and maybe the Pizza's.

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  1. The vegan options at the Reverence are really impressive!

  2. Nice.Thanks for sharing.I'm a regular reader of this.
    Matt Levine