Sunday, May 5, 2013

Wild Yak Tibetan, Northcote

350 High Street

03 9486 2733

We'd eaten at the Wild Yak Tibetan restaurant a good while ago and decided for a return visit while we were on High Street in Northcote again. The neon sign leaves you in doubt of where you are or whats in store.

It was busy on the Thursday evening we arrived, inside things are fairly basic, with a tiled floor, yellow walls and a bar at the back.

The walls were hung with a series of Tibetan paintings.

There were ceiling decorations too and various pictures of the Dalai Lama which added to the theme.

We ordered fairly swiftly, but it seemed that the few staff were a little overwhelmed by the numbers and we waited a while for our Momo Ngopa to arrive. The fried beef dumplings, came with chilli and soy sauces. The momo's casing were pastry like and fairly thick, compared to Chinese style dumplings.

The Channa Khatsa or chick peas cooked with tomatoes, ginger and garlic didn't look too exciting, but were flavoursome and satisfying.

We had another interlude before our mains arrived, the Chasha Sarsha, chicken fillet cooked with fresh mushrooms and herbs was pleasant without being outstanding.

The Tsel or vegetable curry wasn't as exotically flavoured as promissed in the menu, and the Baklap was similar to roti, bt a little on the rubbery side.

Unfortunately we were a bit disappointed with this visit to Wild Yak with the slow service and lacklustre mains outweighing the friendliness and good value, the meal was $50 all up including a beer and a juice.

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  1. Its should be named as Wild YUCK..

    The place stinks and the food is disgusting!

    The staff is friendly though..

  2. Are we talking about the same place? If so I think your taste buds need re educating. I have been dining at the Wild Yak since it first opened over 15 years ago in Fitzroy. I love the fact that their is no pretension, the food is simple, yet extremely tasty and always consistent. It also offers an incredible range of vegetarian dishes. The family who run the business are divine and offer great service. Maybe next time just get yourself a takeaway kebab from next door!