Monday, July 22, 2013

N.Lee Bakery Cafe

4/61 Little Collins Street
VIC 3000

The 'N.Lee Bakery Cafe' I visited with Linda on Little Collins street is an outpost of the Collingwood institution.

I'd noticed big queues when out running at lunchtimes in the past, but never broken stride to examine further. The queue was bigger when we left than when we arrived, just before 12:30. I'm not sure if the queue is a consequence of the recent popularity of Bánh mì, or just of that of this cafe...

Inside the queue spread out at the counter, although everything remained calm and under control. The menu's on the wall offered a range of options including focaccia's, spring rolls and even pies as well its traditional offerings. The decor was modern and had something of a euro cafe feel about it.

The extensive range of fillings all looked good and pretty fresh. After making our selections and waiting for our rolls to me made, we managed to find a recently vacated table.

The first time across the French Indochine style sandwiches was in Cambodia and Vietnam during my backpacking days 10 years ago. At the time we were delighted to be able to get something resembling a European style sandwich and were thankful for this colonial hangover, along with the coffee, after some bread free weeks in Thailand. Little was I to know I was ahead of the game in discovering this soon to be food trend!

I went with the chicken breast option with all the trimmings.The first thing I noticed on biting in was how fresh everything tasted and felt in my mouth. The crust was crisp, the salad was moist and crunchy and the chicken tender. Linda had the pork meatloaf, which got similar comments, she rated well against the best Springvale has to offer.

Fortunately I paid my $6.60 in cash, as I'm not sure I'm not sure they meant their lack of EFTPOS was going to be very convinience...

N.Lee must be doing something right to always have a queue outside, and the food is certainly fresh, flavoursome and good value, its worth a visit if you have a Bánh mì craving in the city.

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