Monday, October 21, 2013

Yummie Yum Cha

189-193 Barkly Street
Victoria 3011

Despite being open for several years, we'd never got around to visiting Yummie Yum Cha. It had always looked a bit tired and empty inside, but on a recent evening after noticing it had been renovated and was looking a bit busier, we gave it a go.

Inside the bright chairs and banquettes certainly added some colour.

The wooden tables gave the place a nice feel.

The menu features plenty of dumplings, plus some bigger dishes takeaway is also available.

Although it was only moderately busy, it seem that the numbers were a bit much for the team on duty, but we eventually got to order.

The steamed prawn dumplings looked and tasted great.

The steamed scallop dumplings had only a thin topping of scallop with prawn beneath, but had the distinctive flavour.

The Chinese mushroom and vegetable buns had a hard to place, odd, overpowering flavour...

The steamed Peking style vegetarian dumplings had thick skins, but the filling was fine.

The stuffed eggplant with prawn was probably the winner here and my first taste of this dish.

We were thinking of ordering some more food as we were still a bit peckish, but couldn't get the attention of the waitress, so ended up paying at the counter, from where there is a good view into the kitchen. Overall the meal was fine, but let down by the service. Being pretty close to home we may give it another go, and hopefully they'll get used to handling what was a fairly modest level of custom!

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