Tuesday, December 31, 2013


118 Lygon Street
VIC 3053
03 9663 3536

We'd read about Svago and when we walked down the busy Lygon street its more laid back yet elegant feel appealed to us. After checking if we had a reservation the charming tall German waiter offered us a table inside or let us choose one on the street, then asked if we were in a hurry, and warned us that the kitchen was a little crazy. We didn't have any other plans for the evening and given the cool change had resulted in a pleasant temperature we decided to stay.

While initially around 6:30 things were quiet, it got busier inside and people were soon being turned away. We perused the concise menu and made our selections. We ordered and our wait began, in the end it was about an hour after we arrived and maybe 50 minutes from ordering before our entrées arrived, although we had a couple of updates and apologies, some bread and drinks in that time. With plenty of people to watch it wasn't a bad place to pass time...

My choice to start was the roasted tomato soup and while I didn't notice the crunchy Cherry tomatoes the basil oil was the highlight of the dish.

The sardines were served with plenty of roasted peppers and basil on toasted bread. They looked great and were soon polished off.

The wait for our mains wasn't quite so long, I had the Spaghetti del Mar, which featured beautiful home-made pasta  with fresh seafood including prawns, mussels, calamari and perfect scallops in a Salsa Verde sauc.

The loin of lamb looked impressive, with a generous helping of backstrap served with braised sprouted legumes, pea puree and Juniper berries jus. Appearances weren't deceptive, and dish went down well, with all the elements proving to be a success.

While the delay was a little longer than we expected, the food was worth the wait. The waiters warnings and updates were all delivered with great humour which made the evening more memorable. The bill came in just under $110 including 3 glasses of wine. We'd definitely return, if we were looking a relaxed evening and some great Italian influenced food in Carlton.

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