Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Cricketers Bar at Hotel Windsor

111 Spring Street,
Vic 3000

The Cricketers Bar at the iconic Windsor Hotel opposite Parliament on Spring Street was the venue for lunch with Brendan on the first day of the Ashes series. Being such a grand building I always feel slightly odd popping in to go to the bar.

Given the occasion it was pretty packed but we managed to find a high table with an all important view of the screens. There is plenty of cricketing memorabilia on display and the room does feel more upmarket than your general pub. The bar is in the centre of the room, and we grabbed menus from there. All the main meals include a drink, worth noting as otherwise even a soft drink is $4.

The $15 specials including a drink are pretty good value, on the Thursday lunch time we visited, whiting was on offer. We had a decent wait for our lunch and then initially when our meals arrived we got two of the special, and the waitress didn't know what she'd brought us. Eventually the other dish arrived.

I was a little surprised by the size of the fish and the presentation, but I guess that's the chance you take when you order to a brief oral description! The small battered fish were crunchy and tasty and came with a few leaves and sauce.

Brendan was slightly miffed to have blown some of his budget on a drink before finding out they came with the mains. He ended up going for the popcorn chicken at $12. After the wait and mix up with dishes, he was ready to be disappointed, but the chicken and especially the  spicy and wasabi mayo

The Cricketers isn't your typical pub or eating spot in the city, but given the location and the ambiance, it can be worth eating there on the right occasion. The special can be good value too.

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