Monday, December 30, 2013

The European

161 Spring Street
VIC 3000

I'd had coffee at the European a couple of times but hadn't ever eaten there, but as our guest had requested European food we headed there...

The name does give a strong hint of what to expect, with a very traditional French Bistro style feel to the place including the wood panelled walls, small tables and classic wooden chairs.

Once seated the waiter ran us through the specials, with a knowledgeable introduction to each, they were also able to answer all the questions we had about the menu.

Danny went for the smoked padrĂ³n peppers with the creamy Monte Enebro goat's cheese, and peppers certainly had plenty of the smoky flavours along with a kick.

I also chose from the board and had the smoked fish croquettes which were nicely flavoured and perfectly cooked and came with some great sauces.

Danny went for the beef Wellington with peas and braised cos. The pastry wasn't quite in the style he'd expected, and initially he was a little underwhelmed by the serving size, but the steak was beautifully tender and won him over. He also enjoyed his side of kipflers with bacon and cabbage..

I had the black and white linguine with fresh crab, tomato, basil and bottarga. At the time I assumed the bottarga or botargo was another herb, but have since determined it is salted, cured fish roe. The flavours certainly worked well witht he crab to create an enjoyable dish.

The bill came to around $160 with a few drinks, all also from Europe. The service was pretty much impeccable and it is an excellent choice to get the continental style dining experience in Melbourne.

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