Sunday, March 23, 2014

Plato, Dunedin

2 Birch Street
Otago 9016

Our journey, on foot to Plato was a bit of an adventure, as it is near the waterfront, across the railway lines from the centre of town, and there aren't many ways to cross. We eventually found it by a circuitous route, the return journey was a bit more straightforward, although did involve using a pedestrian part of a freeway style overpass.

The restaurant occupies the ground floor of a concrete seafarers centre.

Inside there was a lot of kitsch decoration livening up the space, despite being a Monday night it was packed when we visited.

The menu can vary daily and we found plenty of tempting items on offer.

The rib-eye fillet with garlic and tarragon mushrooms, on creamy mustard mashed potatoes with a rich beef jus looked great, and went down well. The side of roasted courgettes topped with dukkah was also a winner.

I had the elephant fish curry with okra, eggplant and potatoes. There was lots of great fish, the veggies were great, but the curry was a little heavy on the turmeric and light on spice.

The dish came with a curious set of accompaniments, including a great spicy lime pickle, chopped mango, tasty chopped cucumber and cumin seed, cucumber slices, and banana in desiccated coconut, which I left as a pseudo-desert.

The service was really friendly and despite the number of diners nicely paced. The meal came to $108 with a couple of glasses of wine and a beer. Plato is definitely worth seeking out!

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