Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Basecamp Eatery, Halls Gap

109 Grampians Road
Halls Gap
VIC 3381

We hadn't visited Halls Gap before, so after an afternoon stroll with the Kangaroos we headed in to the center of town to check out dinner options. After checking out a couple of places we ended up deciding on the Basecamp Eatery, which offered pizza's, burgers and wraps among other options.

We were thinking about eating in, but decided against it in the end, as with some of the other places we'd looked at the atmosphere wasn't right for us. The fish burger wasn't the most impressive looking we'd seen, using half a Turkish bread was an odd choice and apparently it wasn't that great overall, the chips were fine though.

I had the kangaroo wrap, is that bad after photographing them a few hours before? It certainly looked a little better along with a salad.

The kangy souvlaki style wrap actually worked well and was pretty satisfying.

I'm not going to be rushing back to basecamp, but the wrap wasn't bad for around $14...

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