Saturday, September 20, 2014

8bit Burger

8 Droop Street

We'd headed to 8 bit a couple of times before thinking about having a weekend lunch, but it had always looked a bit too busy, and made our way to one of the miriad of other options nearby. It was third time lucky though on a Sunday around 1, after we'd had a late night out and we were searching for something to turn around our day.

The 8 bit retro computer game theme runs throughout the restaurant, from the names of the various burgers and hotdogs on the menu to the table 'number' signs.

Although it wasn't bursting at the seams, there was a big pack of young diners in attendance, with plenty of activity behind the counter putting the food together. We ordered at the counter and managed to snag ourselves some stools by the bench along the window and waited for a few minutes until our meals arrived, given the number of patrons, I was surprised by the speed of service.

The eponymous 8 bit beef burger but without the usual cheese also contained tomato, lettuce, red onion, pickles, mustard and '8 bit' sauce in a brioche bun. It looked great and the better half though it was delicious!

I went with the 1 UP mushroom burger, which featured a crumbed portobello mushroom, some plasticy cheese which I swiftly removed, tomato, red onion, green tomato relish, lettuce and the house sauce again in a brioche bun. Although I prefer naked (un-crumbed) mushroom burgers and aren't a massive processed cheese fan these days, it was still a good veggie option and although hasn't de-throned Jerry's lentil based pattie yet.

The large serve of beer battered fries was a good size and had a nice crispy coating with soft potato inside. We soon worked our way through them.

The meal with a couple of soft drinks came in around $30. I'm glad we were able to get in because the burgers were just what we wanted, and it is awesome to have good burgers available in the 'scray. We'll certainly be back, hopefully we'll be able to get in again next time!

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