Monday, March 30, 2015

Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen

27 Russell Street
VIC 3000

We were invited to the soft launch of Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen which will be opening soon downstairs near the corner of Russell Street and Flinders Lane. On our arrival at the foot of the stairs, we were welcomed with shouts from all the staff, before being given a menu and shown to a table.

One side of the space is dominated by an impressive bar.

Along another side of the space is the open kitchen. There were a few other diners in when we arrived, and more of the 200 expected guests arrived as we were there.

The menu has smaller Izakaya dishes as well as the customisable noodle soup, plus some advice on how to enjoy ones bowl! It took us a few minutes to work through the options before placing our orders.

We were presented with some yakimeshi or Japanese fried rice while we waited, which was a nice mini entrée.

A tray of drinks headed our way and we both went for the Saké and apple juice which was refreshing with just a little kick. 

We were also served a gyoza to try, mine had lovely crisp charred base with a tasty pork filling.

When our turn came we were invited to move up to the bench directly in front of the kitchen, with only the glass separating us from the preparation of the food.

There were a couple of sesame dispensing devices, the oil bottle had a fancy self opening and closing lid, whilst the seed grinder took a bit more working out, but with the cover off and turned upside down, a few turns produced a pungent cascade of crushed seeds.

 The spicy Tobabjan Tonkotsu had yellowy orange colour almost heading into laksa like territory, and had hints of similar flavour according to the better half. It went down well along with the bonus noodles, turning it into a substantial meal.

I opted for the green Yuzu Tonkotsu, flavoured with yuzukosyu spices from the Kyushu region of Japan. I enjoyed the rich combination of flavours and textures with each component having been prepared perfectly. Again with the extra ramen it really filled me up in a satisfying manner.

With our meal complete we didn't loiter, especially with the number of guests expected. Although we were warmly welcomed and treated well, there was still a touch of first night nerves around. The food however spoke for itself and the ramen was some of the best I've had, and it's definitely worth a try.

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