Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Kitchen Samrat

36 Leeds Street
VIC 3011

The better half wasn't feeling great but was still keen on a spicy curry so we decided to give a takeaway from Kitchen Samrat a try as we hadn't eaten there before. After placing an internet order and waiting the requisite 30 minutes I arrived to find a very quiet restaurant. It was another 10 minutes before the meal was ready, then it was back on the bike to get the boxes home!

The mushroom masala was cooked with onion and capsicum and the flavour was a little too sweet for my preferences.

We asked for the chicken saag extra spicy, and there was certainly a good amount of spicy bit in the smooth spinach sauce.

The channa masala didn't look the best in it's container, the chick peas were cooked in traditional north Indian spices. The dish was a little more watery than versions we've had before but came packed with a kick.

The plain naan was good without being spectacular.

After discounts the bill came to $ 27.9, which is great value for 3 dishes, and despite the slightly long wait at pick up I'd certainly be happy to give a few more dishes on the menu a try...

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