Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Yes Taiwanese Street Food

128 Little Bourke Street
VIC 3000

I'd wandered past the Yes Taiwanese Street Food restaurant a couple of time, and thought it was about time I gave this style of food a try. The signage on the window recalls the traditional carts of food vendors.

Inside was however more modern with the menu displayed on flat screens! We arrived just before the official opening time of 12:30pm, but found a couple of customers already ordering, despite stools still being up on some of the tables. We made our selections and ordered, but were warned that our meals would take about 15 minutes to arrive... which was fair enough!

One of the bare brick wall was adorned with plant pots to bring greenery inside.

Merry went for the wonton noodle soup which also featured bean shoots and spring onion, which she enjoyed.

I went for the large deep fried mushroom noodle soup. The bowl also contained the bean shoots along with coriander, I added some chilli later. The broth and noodles were basic but satisfying. I hadn't expected the mushrooms to come separately, but I guess otherwise they would have quickly lost their battered crunch. Although not quite the same they were similar to tempura style with plenty of light batter enclosing a range of different fungi.

The meals were a dollar or two either side of $10 and the service was polite and delivered to the expectations that had been set. I'd be keen to go back and check out some of the other dishes on the menu, as the meals the other diners had chosen looked good!

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