Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Roti Man

10-12 Armstrong Street
Middle Park
VIC 3206

We'd been told our booked table had been moved to make room for a large group before we arrived at The Roti Man. As it turned out the entire front room was filled by the event.

We were in a smaller back section which  featured similar decoration with brightly coloured material hanging billowing below the roof and matching colours on the walls.

 We were served drinks fairly quickly and then spent a few minutes figuring out our choices. There was then a pause before our orders were taken. After noting our choices the waitress apologised for the delay, but we ended up unsure as to f that was for the one that had occurred, or that which was to come...

Our entrĂ©es arrived after only 10 to 15 minutes. The Chicken Tikka salad, apparently "Lossely translated as 'chunks of chicken' ... is marinated in spicy yoghurt and cooked in the tandoor and presented as a delightful salad." Although the chicken was fine the salad was somewhat more basic than the description portrayed. 

The cauliflower Bhaji, coated in it's spiced chickpea flour and fried also came with a few leaves and what seemed to be a sprinkling of ground pepper. The dish was well executed with a crunchy exterior encasing the tasty veggies.

It took another 50 minutes for our mains to arrive, by which time we were ready to devour anything! The Prawn Goan curry went down well.

As did the Beef Vindaloo.

We shared the smoked spiced eggplant, which was enjoyable but not quite as smoky as we had hoped for and have had elsewhere.

The Lamb Vindaloo was spicy and sour as expected.

The saffron rice looked good and 

The naan bread was unusually square shaped.

The paratha was softer than it looks in the photo.

The meal came in around $45 a head with a couple of drinks each. The wait for our meals ended up being the most memorable part of the evening, and I wouldn't want to go back again if they were that busy.

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