Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Thanh Vinh

152 Hopkins Street
Vic 3011

We'd eaten at two predecessors of Thanh Vinh, Thai Tho and Phong Dinh but not the latest incarnation.

The small outdoor dining area remains, with a modern fit out inside....

 ...featuring white walls and wooden tables and chairs.

There were a generous range of condiments on each table which were labelled to avoid confusion.

I went for the Laksa, which lacked in the shrimp paste department, resulting in a  fairly bland dish.

The Seafood Char Kway Teow was great, with plenty of smokey flavours from the wok permeating the thick rice noodles along with the fruits of the sea.

Both dishes were in the $10 - $15 dollar range, and I'd happily go back for a plate of the stir fried noodles, but would leave the Laksa for Roti Road down the street.

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Monday, May 23, 2016

The Nelson, St Kilda

2/56 Acland Street
St Kilda
Victoria 3182

Our fellow diners has been to The Nelson before and were keen to get there early as bookings aren't taken. We arrived around 6:30 on a Saturday and were fortunate that he Autumn weather was kind enough that dining outside was a pleasant prospect. There is plenty going on outside on the corner of Fawkner and Acland streets, resulting in plenty of people watching opportunities. Inside there was a longer shared table and a couple of smaller lower tables.

The Nelson is a Rum bar, which also serves a range of Tapas style smaller dishes, along with some salads and larger options, there were a couple of specials on too.

We shared a range of dishes, which arrived at a goop pace, we just about managed to finish plates as more arrived and to fit everything on the table! First to arrive were the patatas bravas which came with a spicy aioli which didn't quite take us back to Spain.

The eggplant chips might look a little over in the photo, but were great, crunchy on the outside and soft inside and even won over Stu.

 The only problem with the stuffed mushrooms was the lack of a fourth, although we managed to resolve the dilemma with ot resorting to violence...

Stu enjoyed his Nelson slider with Porterhouse steak, pickles, iceburg lettuce, smoked cheddar and 'special' sauce, in a small but well presented bun.

The grilled fish tacos from the special board also contained 'slaw and guacamole and leaves and were one of the highlights.

The Jamaican Jerk Chicken salad freshened things up with plenty of leaves coleslaw and tomatoes accompanying the nicely spiced poultry and the orange and cayenne dressing.

The other special of goat curry with rice and beans rounded off the meal, proving to be our joint favourite dish with its wonderful Caribbean flavours and beautifully tender meat.  

The service was friendly through from ordering at the bar to helping us fit the many plates on our small table with good humour. The bill came to $127 including a few drinks. We'd happily go back, probably hoping for the same specials to be on again!

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Richmond Club Hotel

100 Swan Street
Victoria 3121

Behind the classic façade of the Richmond Club Hotel the interior mixes zones of varying degrees of modernity seamlessly. We were seated at the rear of the ground floor in a booth near an octagonal table, below an eight sided lampshade. We visited on a Saturday evening and it was pretty busy in the dining areas and rammed in the bars.

The menu was surprisingly traditional. The roast lamb with 3 veg ticked the boxes and went down well.

Stu enjoyed his regulation (for him) parma.

The nacho's weren't too soggy which was a bonus, and were well balanced, rather than over cheesy. 

My fish and chips  featured 2 smallish pieces of crisply battered fish balanced on top of the deep fried potato, a green salad and tartar sauce. All the components kept me happy.

The bill for 4 including a drink or two each came in just under $150. The meals took a while to come, but given how many people were in the pub that wasn't unexpected. The meals weren't oversized, but kept us happy while we watched the footy later on.

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Prince of Wales Hotel, Battery Point, Hobart

55 Hampden Road
Battery Point
Tasmania 7004

We decided on a pub meal and decided on the Prince of Wales in Battery Point, which is housed in a mid twentieth century building in the historic neighbourhood. 

Inside the décor was a combination of classic Aussie hotel mixed with some modern touches and a subdued palate. The restaurant area was fairly quiet on the Saturday we visited at around 6:30, the bar was busier though. The menu took a fairly traditional route to, with a couple of deviations.

The Tasmanian Scotch Fillet came a little bit over the medium requested, and the pepper sauce was fairly mild in flavour. The vegetables were good.

I had the Portobello Schnitzel, the mushroom was crumbed in Panko and Macadamia and was on the oily or greasy side but otherwise satisfying. It was served with a sweet mushroom relish which didn't quite work for me. The chips and salad ticked their respective boxes.

The bill came to $64.50 including a few drinks. The service was efficient and friendly. We both enjoyed our visit but would try different dishes if we visited again.

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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Ristorante Da Angelo, Battery Point, Hobart

47 Hampden Road
Battery Point
Tasmania 7004

We'd heard that Ristorante Da Angelo was something of a Hobart institution so we thought we'd give it a try on a recent visit.

Down stairs was a a bit of a warren of smaller interconnected rooms, including a front waiting/bar area bedecked in photo's of clients, including a few well known faces. We were upstairs, in an area which a couple of groups and a few smaller tables ate while we were there. The décor certainly supported the idea that they had been open for a while!

We kicked off with the bruschetta pizza bread which was topped with fresh tomato, basil, garlic, and cheese which easily staved off the hunger pangs before our mains arrived.

I had the Spinaci, spinach and potato gnocchi served with napoletana sauce. The housemade gnocchi were light and the sauce complimented them well.

The macaroni puttanesca, with its garlic, capers, olives, anchovies, chilli, napoletana sauce was also a winner. The classic dish had all the right ingredients combined perfectly.

A bonus was the BYO option, which we took advantage of. The food bill came in at $57.50 and we were well satisfied. The service coped with busy restaurant easily and was very friendly, we even had a chat with t he owner on the way out. If you are looking for classic Italian in Hobart, Da Angelo is the  Ristorante for you!

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Great Ocean Road Brewhouse, Apollo Bay

29 Great Ocean Road
Apollo Bay
VIC 3233

We'd visited the Great Ocean Hotel as it was formerly known a couple of times so were interested to see it had been taken over by the Prickly Moses Brewery and become the Great Ocean Brewhouse. Other than some new signage, there hadn't been many changes to the exterior. Inside the biggest difference were the new and extensive range of beers on tap.

We sat at high seats near the windows in the bar section, rather than the dining area. There plenty of customers packed in on busy summer public holiday weekend.

The burger was well presented and went down well,but not especially memorable.

I received a generously sized serve of fish and chips which ticked the boxes and filled me up.

The meals came to $48.80, and they were served pretty swiftly. The crowd became more lively over the course of the meal as was to be expected. The beers available would encourage me to return, the bottle shop also stocks a good range of locally produced wine and beer.

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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Meating Place Cafe, Birregurra

43 Main Street
Victoria 3242

We've stopped for lunch in Birregurra before, previously normally at the Royal Mail Hotel. Last time we were in town there was new management at the pub, and although there were a few well priced traditional pub counter meals available, it wasn't quite what we were looking for. 

We wandered down the street and decided to try the Meating Place Cafe at the Birregurra Farm Foods shop, which was pretty busy, both inside and out.

We found a table near the outdoor wood fired pizza oven, which needed to be dusted off, as it wasn't often used.

We ordered a couple of coffees, my long black was great...

..and the flat white went down well too.

I ordered the olive tapenade and hummus with flat bread from the oven. This arrived quite a while ahead of our other dish and we both shared it. The components were all good, if heavy on the salt and they blended well.

The mushroom pizza certainly sported plenty of funghi and perhaps just a bit too much cheese too.

The service was very friendly and just about managed to keep up with the long weekend crowd. The bill came to $42 including the coffees. The Meating Place would probably be our preferred option when heading through town next time.

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Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Roti Man

10-12 Armstrong Street
Middle Park
VIC 3206

We'd been told our booked table had been moved to make room for a large group before we arrived at The Roti Man. As it turned out the entire front room was filled by the event.

We were in a smaller back section which  featured similar decoration with brightly coloured material hanging billowing below the roof and matching colours on the walls.

 We were served drinks fairly quickly and then spent a few minutes figuring out our choices. There was then a pause before our orders were taken. After noting our choices the waitress apologised for the delay, but we ended up unsure as to f that was for the one that had occurred, or that which was to come...

Our entrées arrived after only 10 to 15 minutes. The Chicken Tikka salad, apparently "Lossely translated as 'chunks of chicken' ... is marinated in spicy yoghurt and cooked in the tandoor and presented as a delightful salad." Although the chicken was fine the salad was somewhat more basic than the description portrayed. 

The cauliflower Bhaji, coated in it's spiced chickpea flour and fried also came with a few leaves and what seemed to be a sprinkling of ground pepper. The dish was well executed with a crunchy exterior encasing the tasty veggies.

It took another 50 minutes for our mains to arrive, by which time we were ready to devour anything! The Prawn Goan curry went down well.

As did the Beef Vindaloo.

We shared the smoked spiced eggplant, which was enjoyable but not quite as smoky as we had hoped for and have had elsewhere.

The Lamb Vindaloo was spicy and sour as expected.

The saffron rice looked good and 

The naan bread was unusually square shaped.

The paratha was softer than it looks in the photo.

The meal came in around $45 a head with a couple of drinks each. The wait for our meals ended up being the most memorable part of the evening, and I wouldn't want to go back again if they were that busy.

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