Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Kitchen Samrat

36 Leeds Street
VIC 3011

The better half wasn't feeling great but was still keen on a spicy curry so we decided to give a takeaway from Kitchen Samrat a try as we hadn't eaten there before. After placing an internet order and waiting the requisite 30 minutes I arrived to find a very quiet restaurant. It was another 10 minutes before the meal was ready, then it was back on the bike to get the boxes home!

The mushroom masala was cooked with onion and capsicum and the flavour was a little too sweet for my preferences.

We asked for the chicken saag extra spicy, and there was certainly a good amount of spicy bit in the smooth spinach sauce.

The channa masala didn't look the best in it's container, the chick peas were cooked in traditional north Indian spices. The dish was a little more watery than versions we've had before but came packed with a kick.

The plain naan was good without being spectacular.

After discounts the bill came to $ 27.9, which is great value for 3 dishes, and despite the slightly long wait at pick up I'd certainly be happy to give a few more dishes on the menu a try...

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Boulevard, Montsalvat

7 Hillcrest Avenue
Victoria 3095

We headed out to the Boulevard at Montsalvat on a crisp late Autumn morning, the Boulevard occupies one of the closest buildings to the entrance. It isn't quite as grand as some of the other buildings in the complex, but is still interesting. the interior was simple but stylish with artworks on the walls.

All of us chose smaller dishes, mostly from the lunch menu, with one selection from the all day breakfast section.

The orecchiette with spanner crab, chilli, tomato, basil, ricotta rosa sauce and chorizo crumbs was a winner.

Chris enjoyed the kumara gnocchi with asparagus, pinenuts and tarragon mascarpone, the large soft dumplings had been pan fried leaving small crisp dark patches and adding texture.

The better half took the breaky option with the Montsalvat breakfast burrito, featuring a chia seed and quinoa tortilla packed with scrambled egg, coriander, caramelised onion, Mexican style beans, smashed avocado, spinach and sour cream. The flat bread was great and encased a tasty, wholesome and stisying filling.

I went with the beetroot salmon gravalax served with pickled baby beets and ginger, boiled egg, black sesame seed, crispy shallot and daikon salad. The dish was packed with flavours to match the bold colours and seemed more filling than the first appearance suggested.

We all had a taste of the Flourless chocolate cake with raspberries, custard and meringue. The sponge was a little lighter than I expected and moist and custard a perfect match.

The dishes were all just under $20, and the bill for 4 with a few drinks and coffees came in at around $140. The service was efficient yet unhurried and friendly. Given the great presentation as well as flavours in the dishes, it seemed like great value and I'd happily return try some of the options on the menu!

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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Royal Albert Hotel

140 Commonwealth Street
Surry Hills
NSW 2010

While visiting Sydney for work, a friend from school, Neil suggested meeting up at the Royal Albert Hotel on the corner of Commonwealth and Reservoir streets in Surry Hills.

It looks like a classic Sydney Hotel from outside and inside plenty of traditional touches remain. The bar taps though, with their selection of craft beers and distinct absence of modern Aussie standard brews are amongst the clues of recent changes. We didn't venture into the Bamboo Dumpling Bar, but did sample the Young Henrys Real Ale, which reminded me of the UK beer in a good way, and very appropriate for the occasion.

I decided to take a look at the burger menu, and decided on the soft shell crab. After a short wait it arrived with its asian 'slaw and wasabi mayo. The serve of crab was generous and the flavours worked nicely. The crinkle cut chips came with a red sauce, which in the dim light could have been tomato, fortunately I was warned about the spicy chilli before dipping!

A little later Neil went for the spiced up Royale with cheese featuring a Jalapeno mustard!

The burgers were around the $16 mark, and perhaps took a little longer than I'd expected to arrive, although the re were a good number of orders from the bar area, along with a reasonably busy sounding dumplings section. The bar staff were friendly and the vibe relaxed. The Royal Albert lives up to its billing as a crafty little corner joint and is well worth seeking out for the burgers as well as the beers.

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Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Rickshaw, Fitzroy

199 Gertrude Street
Victoria 3065

We were wandering down Gertrude Street after work on a Friday evening looking for a bite, on the way to catch up with some mates. We had a vague idea of a few options but decided to give The Rickshaw a try after checking out the menu.

From outside and as soon as you walk inside you can't miss the front section of the restaurants name-sake.

The fit-out is low key and cool with a view through to the kitchen at the back.

The wavy wire ceiling features lights hanging down over the bar. It was pretty quiet when arrived around 6, but the tables filled while we were there. Amit the owner welcomed us and was a friendly presence through the evening.

The menu is fairly short with a mix of dishes from India and across the rest of Asia.

We kicked off by sharing the beautifully presented Papdi Chaat of crushed chickpeas with cumin yoghurt, pomegranate and date sauce. The 'street food' inspired dish tasted as good as it looked!

Amit persuaded us to try the Pani-puri, another Indian street snack, in this case a a hollow semolina puff, containing spiced potato and tamarind and topped up with the coriander and mint emulsion. The resulting delicate casings slip into the mouth then burst with flavour.

We stuck with the veggie Indian theme for our main dishes. The pumpkin lakhanawi was subtly flavoured with mustard and coriander seeds and cooked to leave the pumpkin soft with disintegrating into a mush.

The slow cooked daal bukhara was a wonderful blend of lentils and spices. It had a surprising kick amongst almost smokey flavours. While we tucked in to our mains the head chef came out to chat to us, explaining each dish was cooked with it's own specific base.

The onion seed and basil naan was a nice twist on the classic bread and the rice nice if a little on the small side, indeed we ordered a second serve later.

We would have finished up at that point, but Amit was so keen for us to try a sweet that he shouted us gulab jamun. These again were presented beautifully with the soft dumplings sitting on Chantilly cream, with rose petals and a pistachio crumb. The flavours and textures complimented each other to finish the meal with a flourish!

The service which seemed to have caused a few comments on Urbanspoon was great for us, with plenty of opportunity to hear from Amit and the chef about the food and their influences and inspiration. The bill came to $87.50 including a few beers. The ambiance and attention to detail with the food and it's plating impressed us both and we'd be keen to return and try more of the dishes on the menu.

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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Ayam Chef

67 Coventry Street
VIC 3006

We were invited to dine at Ayam Chef on Coventry Street Southbank. The restaurant is at the base of a large block not far from St Kilda Road. There were a few tables under bright yellow parasols outside on a warm autumn evening.

Inside the fit out is modern, featuring plenty of wooden along with a few hints of Malaysia.

Early in the evening it was quiet, but it filled up surprisingly rapidly. Along the back wall were reminders of the rainforest and some feature lights. The menu covers a range of dishes, most of which were familiar, with a few new options.

We kicked off sharing a few entrees, including a great chicken San Choy Bao with its minced chicken and spring onion in lettuce topped with an appealing combination of sesame seeds, crispy enoki mushroom and hoisin sauce.

The roti looked quite small but packed many light and flaky layers and the mopped up the slightly sweet peanut sauce well.

We both enjoyed the 'Original Recipe' school prawns with their homemade chilli lime sauce. Crunching through the crisply coated shells dipped in the lightly spiced sauce was really satisfying and moreish.

The mains we also shared included the Sambal Fish, featuring deep fried cod cutlets on a banana leaf in the sambal sauce. It was well worth pulling the fish apart to extract the bones before tucking into the perfectly cooked flesh, beneath the crunchy coating in the chilli based sauce.

Hogan who had got in touch with me had mentioned that the "San Low Fried Bee Hoon" was a new dish which can't be found anywhere else in Melbourne, it seems to be a speciality of Johur Bahru as mentioned in a post by Cavin Teo. The combination fried rice vermicelli, with egg, choy sum, pork slices, prawn and fishcake aren't a visual stunner, but the flavours are great! As Calvin mentions the smokey 'wok hei' flavours leap out, the phrase translates apparently as wok heat or ‘breath of the wok’ and is familiar from wok fried dishes from the region. It is always great to find a new dish to enjoy and this mix of well cooked seafood, meat, veggies, egg and noodles brought that.

We may have been greedy adding garlic spinach to our meal, but it was good to add the greens with their different texture, moisture and vibrant colour!  

We didn't have to pay for our meal and the restaurant hasn't had any influence over this post.

We deffinately enjoyed our meal, and the staff were friendly and helpful all evening. Ayam Chef will certainly be high up on my list next time I'm dining in Southbank!

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Monday, April 20, 2015

Aux Batifolles

400 Nicholson Street
North Fitzroy
VIC 3068

We were keen to dine francophile style, so headed to Aux Batifolles on Nicholson Street in North Fitzroy fairly earl yon a Friday evening.

Both inside and out the look was stylish and subtly French, without veering into cliché. It was pretty quite when we arrived, but filled up a bit during the evening.

We studied the menu which featured plenty of gallic classics to choose between.  The "Ragout 72 gratiné" featured scallops, prawns, mussels, calamari and crab with mushrooms and leeks in a creamy sauce with a hint of cheese lightly browned. The mix of well cooked seafood with the other flavours was a winner.

I had an old favourite of "Moules Marinieres". There were a few variations from the dish I remember, including the steamed black mussels having one shell conveniently removed and a creamier white wine and parsley sauce. The changes didn't spoil the dish and the shellfish still starred.

The "Steak-frites au poivre" was served in classic French style. The porterhouse atop the fries and served with a surprisingly sweat peppercorn sauce with a green salad on the side. The better half wasn't keen on the soft gravy soaked chips but I didn't mind them. I ended up with plenty of the meet to try as we swapped plates half way through, and I was happy with it.

I went for the "Pitivier", a French pie in perfectly crisp crust containing chicken and crayfish with a hint of gruyere cheese and served with a brandy bisque. The flavours encased inside the pastry were a fantastic combination, and I think the favourite of the night.

The pie was served with a "Salades du jardin" of mixed leaves with a subtle blue cheese and mustard dressin.

Both the waiter and waitress who served us were French and they happily tolerated my rapidly fading language skills. They also let us choose the pace of the meal and were friendly throughout. The bill with several drinks came in around $130. We enjoyed the evening and would happily return together or with friends.

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

#zomatomeetup at Claypots St Kilda

213/215 Barkly Street
St Kilda
VIC 3182

We've enjoyed previous visits to Claypots, so when zomato invited me to a meet-up there I jumped at the chance!

The kick-off was fairly early at 6pmon a Monday, and I almost didn't recognise the quiet restaurant, as it was still empty. After finding Pranav from zomato and being introduced to fellow bloggers including (excuse the lazy use of instagram links) @evelovelle, @lydiapebbles, @embel, @mel_bin_blog, @monsadventure and @simtiaz_grazingpanda as well as  @confessionsofalittlepiggy, @mmeparker and @clamhands from zomato. We had a drink in the bar first, I stuck to the super low alcohol German lager as I was on the bike.

We sat down towards the back of the restaurant, under the octopus, and near the chalk board menu

To start things off we were presented with Turkish bread with a selection of Meze...

...including somw garfish, squid and tasty salads.

Next up out came the signature garlic king prawns, which lived up to their name in size alone...

...and also delivered in the flavour stakes.

The chilli crabs were served on platters also loaded with mussels.

It was fun to extract the tasty morsels from both components which complimented each other well.

The 'secret recipe' Cajun style Flathead was the closest of the whole fish dishes to me, and the dark coating added to the star of the show.

The fearsome looking crispy skin silver dory was given a kick by the sambal.

I loved the full flavours of the coral trout twinned with the asian influences of the sessame, soy and ginger.

By the time I thought about trying the actual claypot I was just too full.

The evening was great fun and the range of food pushed it into surpassing previous dining eperiences, it is a venue that works even better with large groups sharing big meals! I didn't have to pay for the meal - thanks to zomato and Claypots.

Neither organisation had any control over this post.

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